I am a drummer – it is as simple as that. I take care of the rhythmicality of the songs – which, in case the drum and bass lines are done properly – may have a HUGE influence of the whole concept of the song. Well, the Drums Parts (intentionally with the capital letters) could trick you in a way, that simply changing the time signatures pushes the song or its parts into a completely different dimension.

I know that maybe every other drummer out there says that – but I believe I am a drummer with “heart“, contrary to the drummers-mathematicians. Music is art – hence it is definitely NOT a science, and I think it shouldn’t be approached scientifically, because then it looses its goosebumps-making character. Science is boring (in the world of the drums only!!), while art touches the soul.

Don’t get me wrong, I love science. Actually, I am addicted to it. Learning about the cosmic space, exploring the furthest parts of the Universe, understanding how things work – is one of the most amazing things in my life. And, what is important – everything has its own rhythm. Atomic clock – it is nothing else but the pattern, certain atoms and molecules shake and move around with. Equal beats, equal length of the patterns and their repetitions. From small to big – from a single molecule to a neutron star called the pulsar, there is a rhythm all over the Universe.

What is important, is that each of those natural “drummers” has its own character, own rhythm, own speed, own pattern (atoms of caesium generate 91 926 317 70 beats per second – now that’s what I call “fast as holy f***“). I am the same – I have my own ideas, my own approach and my own patterns. I am not Dave Lombardo, I am not Lars Ulrich, I am not (by far) Mike Mangini nor Neil Peart (it’s a blasphemy to even put my name next to these guys!!). I will not copy the style of another musician. I am myself – the guy who just simply loves his instrument…… I mean – the drums, of course :)

I started when I was 15, making a helluva lot of noise in my parents garage, pissing all neighbors in the area off, initially inspired by Nico McBrain and his style. Then, being a rocker, metal-head, thrasher, blast-beater, I started developing my own style. At the beginning, I was bored to death with all those para-diddles, ratamacues, flamadiddle-diddles, pataflaflas or mamadamaflams (who came up with these names, FFS?). I was irritated with differentiation of traditional grip, french grip, hand techniques, foot technique, this and that, abracadabra and all that theory of “you have to learn how to walk first, then try to run“. I was a rebel, I loved all sort of experiments, I was coming up with my own stuff, my own patterns – trying to run away from the books, notation and “you have to hit right in the middle of the drum-head to get the proper sound, otherwise the sound engineer will hate you till the last day of your life“. Bullcrap! I want to experiment, I want to be a non-traditional drummer. I want to do my snare rim shots as loud as possible. I want to play what I want to play, and I don’t want to play what I don’t want to play. Why? Because this is my style and this is myself. Take it or leave it.